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Campus Colors & Connection Program Registration

1 out of every 3 students on campuses say that they're LONELY....You can do something about it.

It's easy to coordinate a Colors & Connection workshop for your campus! Take the 1st step by entering your information in the sidebar and get immediate access to all you need, including facilitator training materials, a workshop guide and more.

The Colors & Connection one-hour workshop brings people together with 
“connecting through colors” activities. We provide you with thought-provoking exercises that stimulate rich conversations and authentic engagement

You and your group will have fun as you grow your "creative intelligence," learning how color can express and reflect moods and emotions. 

By running a Colors & Connection workshop, you'll help nurture supportive peer-to-peer communication. We agree with Campus Life experts who view connecting with peers as essential for students as they learn to navigate the challenges and complexities of the college experience. 

Whether you're a faculty member, administrator, or student, you can help build a sense of connection, creating an UnLonely campus.

By completing this registration, you agree to the terms and conditions for facilitating this workshop. CLICK TO VIEW.

What People Are Saying:

"I liked the individual aspect of creating something that was meaningful to me. I thought it was fun to reflect in that way.

Incoming Emerson Freshman

“Pausing to think about the whole world of emotional possibility that exists when you're expressing yourself with color or with art, and challenging yourself to think differently, gives you a new perspective."

Ashley, Harvard School of Public Health